Open Design Course Lab version 0.4

We are pleased to invite you to the Open Design Course Lab 0.4 in De Zaal. The Lab is the results of an 11-week course and is open to showcase projects, experiments and collaborations created by the 13 participants from different backgrounds.

Location: Nonnemeersstraat 26, 9000 Gent
Friday: 14:00 to 20:00
Saturday: From 10:00 to 18:00

The participants to showcase are Ornella, Yevhen, Abdulmohimen, Emily, Anastasiia, Kateryna, Alina, Micaela, Belkiza, Mira and Artur, Alithia, Lina. Hatinah Bangi, Rae Sita Pratiwi, Amalia Rodríguez, Shoaib Zaheer, Hala Elias, Peter Westenberg, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Elias Heuninck, Hendrik Leper, Open Source Publishing, Hooman Jalidi, Hussein Shikha, Ersel Musmul
Open Design Course sees this week as a threshold, an open space of commoning and reciprocity, where our tools are shared and our open-ended projects are inviting you to a dialogue.
The program of the Lab can be found on the website

If you need more information, e-mail us at or give us a call 0473870776