Emily Alejandra Castillo Rojas is from Venezuela, she is 21 years old. Emily studied Industrial Engineering and has a great interest in programming, with the ambition to become a software developer.

Emily, decided to experiment with a fingerprint lock. To visualize the process, the fingerprint gets to be inserted into the system and the results translate into, LED lights. The right finger touches the fingerprint, the green LED will turn on and after 2 seconds the LED will turn off. If another finger touches the fingerprint, the red LED gets turned on and after 2 seconds it will turn off. Other experiments contain the possibility of making the fingerprint lock by changing the code and adding a servo motor, a magnet, and a Rasberry Pie.

Specifically in this project, she experimented with Arduino, LED, resister values, breadboard, fingerprint sensor and cables. Emily will continue with a project to create a secure lock for doors with fingerprint.

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