The Team​

The course is coordinated by a core team of people coming from the design and autonomous arts departments of our faculty but not only. Every year alumni of the ODC project are added to the teaching team. Teachers of the faculty are invited as guests during the course, preparing also some common classes between ODC participants and students of KASK. Additional, external to the school, lecturers and collectives are invited to be part of the team: such as designers, artists, activists, scientists, crafts(wo)men…

Samer Alagha
artist | design thinking | design methedologies

Liselotte Van Daele
Print Lab | graphic design department

Shoaib Zaheer 
artist, designer

Hendrik Leper
media arts department

Hooman Jalidi
art, design, music 

Rae Sita Pratiwi
artist, designer, environmental activist

Peter Westenberg
Floss | Constant | Autonomous design department

Mohammed Tawfiq 
Graphic designer / game designer

Elias Heuninck 

Kinda Ghanum 
Graphic designer, artist, architect

Wendy Van Wynsberghe
artist | open tools | constant

Femke Snelting

Hala Elias
Coordinator | Autonomous design department

Mohanad Yaqubi
artist, film producer, researcher, idiomsfilm

Open Source Publishing


Design Museum Ghent