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Gent Museum Sneek Peek

My name is Rodney from Ghana, am a video director/musician/graphic designer and love all forms of creative arts. I am 27 years and I live in Saint-Amandsberg. I have been living in Belgium for almost 3 years and I like it here so far.

My project is mainly about advertising the Design Museum with music and a video showing some of the art works in the museum. This is an idea I came up with after a meeting with the museum team on a collaboration with the ODC students this year. There will be a new opening of another part of the museum soon where people can go in for free and also be able to touch and feel the artworks that will be placed there. Thinking of what to do for my project work being a musician, I thought it wise to make music that will appeal to the listeners to want to go to the main museum but to also show works from the main museum to kind of wet their appetite and also give them something to look forward to as they decide after watching my video. This project is preferably to be placed on a screen in the new museum with headset for people to have a listen to the music individually as they watch the video. Title of the song is “LOVING IT”

This project was made by first finding a suitable beat which is also from a current genre and as am a Hip-Hop head, I choose a beat made from the new trending series on Netflix (Squid Game). This type beat is called Drill Beats, a sub genre of hip-hop. Wrote, recorded and mixed my lyrics on the beat myself. Then I had to go to the museum to take clips of some of the artworks to edit for the video. All clips were taken with my Iphone. I also use a recorder to record the sounds from the entrance when I was making the intro video of entering into the musuem just to get that clear sound and the feel of actually being there when listen and watching the intro. Editing the video I used a software called KdenLive which was super fun to explore.

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